Ecopreneurship: Business practices for a sustainable future

This book is based on 12 case studies of ecopreneurial ventures in the food industry. It provides insights from exploratory research into how ecopreneurs pursue their sustainability goals through their business practices.

Book Cover Ecopreneurship

The book first provides an overview of the existing knowledge on ecopreneurship and outlines the different facets of ecopreneurs’ motivations to start a venture, the discovery of opportunities and their attitude towards growth.

It then examines ecopreneurial business practices on a firm level by examining practices with regards to economic, ecologic and social sustainability, as well as, the trade-offs between these dimensions.

Since a venture is only as sustainable as their supply chain, the book then examines the supply chain practices in ecopreneurial supply networks. It uncovers distribution channels and supplier types and looks at collaborative measures ecopreneurs implement to drive sustainability in their supply chain.

The book finishes by bringing the firm and supply chain levels together and presents a new business logic that works for society and the planet.

It is part of the DeGruyter Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and can be bought here.