Announcing The Carbon Puzzle

During the last couple of years, I have been working with a good number of startups in the captured CO2 space with anything from direct air capture (DAC) to carbon storage and carbon utilisation. One quirky feature of this rather young space is that those companies currently don’t work well together. I have seen DAC companies bottle their captured CO2 and use it to make fire extinguishers for example, while utilisation companies buy industrially made CO2 to prove their technology. However the captured CO2 does not yet arrive at storage or utilisation companies. Clearly something is missing in the supply chain of captured CO2, so I have set out to discover what that is. To accelerate the development of the captured CO2 space, I decided to share my findings and insights in a Podcast: The Carbon Puzzle

In this podcast, I explore the missing pieces that are needed to make the supply chain around captured CO2 work in bringing the captured CO2 to the utilisation and storage sites. I interview a series of founders from direct air capture, CO2 logistics companies and storage providers to hear about their challenges on a firm level. Finally I will speak with an accelerator and a project developer to get a macro view of the captured CO2 environment.

You can find the Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Follow for weekly episodes.